Kenny Shen, Singapore.

"The statistician cannot evade the responsibility for understanding the process he applies or recommends." - Ronald A. Fisher

Current adventure - Data Analyst, Daddy :)

Past adventures include (developer, engineer, lead tech, web developer, data mining/analysis) at TUS, JamiQ, Tripvillas, Fairfax Business Media, Zalora.

Was/is a programmer & web developer skilled in Python and its ecosystem, in particular Django. Now more actively focused on data analysis and programming using R.

Github: @qoelet

Programming sketches: A man and his keyboard.

Other stuff

R & statistics

My tiny collection of wisdom.

A very inspiring letter: Live like a mighty river.

Awesome comrades.

Yin Shanyang
Sönke Hahn
Dat Le

My LinkedIn.

Email: kenny [@] northpole [dot] sg

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